Monday, August 12, 2013

Flying Geese Came Home

Many years ago, I don't even remember HOW many years. Maybe 7 or 8, I started a bunch of blocks for a quilt. The blocks were my 2nd set. The first set was a 2 tone quilt that I made for my daughter Sarah. And I wanted one for myself. So I stared another quilt........... Well.........I got a little sidetracked & the blocks were not all the same size & then I got disgusted & put them away. Figuring that I would try to tame the beast some other time. You know, put them away & then try to work on them another time with a fresh sense of finishing??/ Yah, well that never came. I carried the blocks from Alabama to Tennessee in 2008 where the blocks have sat , and sat & sat. I had them in my scrap bin & dragged them out exactly twice. The first time I took them out while cutting up scraps & thought "Self you really need to try & finish that quilt!" The 2nd time I took them out, I gave them away along with a lot of fabric from my stash. I gave the blocks & the fabric (and by FABRIC I mean I purged about 2 huge garbage bags of fabric, one piece still had a tag on it from 1993! To say it had AGED in my stash was well...? vulgar almost...) Anyway, I gave them to my freind Diane (Miller) that makes a boatload of charity quilts. Lot's of them. Many of them. More than I could make in 2 lifetimes, I think! Well....Diane took those blocks .....AND...squared them all up, sewed them together & added borders and GAVE IT BACK TO ME!!! Can you believe that? Do you know how often a QUILTER gets gifted a QUILT ? Almost never, that's how often. I am SO proud! I never, ever thought these blocks could look as nice as Diane has made them. Without further ado, here are the pictures of the quilt (top) that Diane returend to me. These pictures were taken tonight at the conclusion of my quilt guild meeting.

I will send it off to get quilted & then once I have the binding on it? I'll post more pictures of this beautiful quilt in natural light. It's beautiful! Sam

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