Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Everlasting Wreath Progress - Well MORE Progress!

I am 39 blocks into my neverending Everlasting Wreath Quilt! Yay! It's looking guud!
I honestly have no clue (again) how many blocks I'll need, but I'm going to make 100 & go from there. The pattern does not suggest it, but .............since I always think out of the box like to mix things up, I am going to make partial light blocks to create the beginning & end of the "wreath" design. This over achievement idea design element is not part of the pattern & is an addition to the all dark blocks, but I really think it will add some calmness to the whole design. And also be the challenge I know I'm up to I always seek! Aren't y'all excited that I found the STRIKE THROUGH button??? Yah I thought so. Going to sleep now! Sam

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