Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I NEEEEEeeeedddd another Hobby ...like I need....

a Nose ring...........funny story..one time I was in a fabric shop buying fabric (really?) and the girl says "How much do you need?" - I say "Well I NEED more fabric like I NEED a nose ring!" Guess what peeps??? She had a nose ring! OMGoodness, toes taste SO good. (not really they don't) Onto my post tonight. Guess what I bought for ME today? Bet you can't guess....... I bought THIS:
It is a pneumatic stapler. It's teh dinkiest thing I have ever seen. And it's really light too. Guess why I bought it? I Am Going To Try UPHOLSTERY!! And Slipcovers too! It's a slow go so don't expect too much. Sam

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Sarah Garofalo said...

Pretty nails ;) and sweet power tool! How many chairs do you have now?