Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ikea Purchase for The Sewing Room

Tuesday QB1 & I went to Ikea. I found these curtain rods & buckets & baskets in the housewares section. I thought that they would be perfect in my sewing room!

These 2 photos show the wall above my ironing board that I intend to hang the rods & buckets.

This is after! Aren't they perfect? I relaly like them.

I love Ikea! next time I go, I want to take more money & a PLAN.



mhoney said...

Isn't IKEA great?? I got my cutting table there, it is a kitchen island with 12 drawers.

What are you putting in the buckets?

I'm looking foe ideas for storing rulers.

Goldogmom said...

I love IKEA too!

What do you plan to put in the buckets from IKEA? I'm looking to organize my Sewing area a bit more and storage is, of course, a big deal.