Sunday, March 11, 2012

Crown Molding Shelf / The Beginning

After the master bedroom got painted I begged Prince Charming to build a shelf from Crown Molding. I have seen them all over pinterest & certainly on the Pottery Barn website...but PB does not make them this long.

So, on the fly, he built this for me today. I labeled this post "the beginning", becasue I don't hthink you can accurately gauge the size of this shelf. Once it's on the wall, you'll have a better idea. I wanted it wider than the headboard. so Prince Charming made it 12 inches wider than the width of the headboard. It's 72 inches wide. I don't know how tall it is.

It will hand on the wall with a ledger board, that is already cut (that's what it's hanging on off the side of the plywood), and it will be painted high glass white. It turned out EXACTLY how I wanted it to look & I am totally jazzed that he decided to tackle it this weekend.

I still have to paint it with the high glass white, and I won't hang it until we have a 3rd pair of hands so that THEY can hold it up against the wall & I can decide where I want it ~ heightwise ~ onthe wall above the bed.


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Katie said...

SO CUTE!!!! :) Can't wait to see the pictures of it on the wall.

Hope you guys had fun on your trip to NC...