Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Quilted Blankets

These are fluffy blankets from Target that I quilted to sheets. As you can see? I monnogrammed them BEFORE quilting them, so that they could tell them apart! I monogrammed the pillow cases too. (I only monogrammed ONE pillowcase , of the 2 in the sheet set, for each blanket)

this shot gives you an idea the SIZE of the monogram. MICHAEL had 20364 stitches & only took like 12 minutes to stitch out! I love that machine...

And just because he was HELPING me take pictures!

These are going into the mail & on thier way to Iowa, where I hear the snow is pretty deep.



Mia's Cottage said...

Totally cute!!
Check out this website on hooded towels... Thought of you and your little man. I am on my iPad and don't have your email on it, so I'm replin' on you blog.:)

~Joan said...

I am going to Target tonight. What department and how big are they?