Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pineapple Update

My regular daytime job, the system that I work in is being upgraded, so I got to take Friday off. Decided I was goint o be SELFISH & sew all day.

I went & picked up the roll up door that Prince Charming & i will install on the shed (probably tomorrow) and then.............I went to QB1's house to sew all day.

QB1 was having new vinyl double hung windows installed (very nice too!) and the guys installing them, replaced the sewing room window FIRST, so that we could sew. Wasn't that sweet of them?

We worked on our Pineapple quilt. Assembling it. It was a fun day. It's been a long time since we sewed that long together.

Let me tell you - my daytime job is not as a brain surgeon - so some things can be complicating for me. On-Point settings is one of those complications. I can not just blindly sew rows together & get the side setting triangles in the right direction. I have to assemble each row individually. Otherwise, I mess up which way the triangles are sewn on.

Since I loathe Frog-Stitching, I just do it the slow way. Thank goodness that QB1 has a similar issue and we got to work together!

What you see here is one row short of being half way done. I am absolutely excited about it. We have a queen sized bed & I am pretty sure this would be a good king size. When it's done, it will be an adiitional 14 inches wider. So it's going to be BIG. I love a big quilt.

At one row short of half way - there are 49 blocks right NOW. I'll have to make MORE to finish it (knew that was coming didn't you?) I only have 23 completed blocks left.........

I am thinking that this baby is going to spend some time hanging on a wall before I use it any.

Have not decided which pantograph I'll use, or what color thread I'll use....(speaking of thread, I have a few spools that I need to send to Joan) Maybe I'll order a NEW pantograph JUST for this quilt. That sounds like a plan.

After this one, I want to complete my Ocean Waves Quilt.

Anyone looking at these 2 quilts, would think me a glutton for punishment. I'm not, a glutton I mean....but I sure love quilts with a bazillion little peices! Edited to add: I have 19 blocks less than half done & if I did the math correctly - I will have to make an additional 20 to make this quilt as large as I want it. Let's see....excluding the side setting triangles & borders - that is roughly 111 blocks @ 37 peices per block = 4107 peices of fabric. That's pretty close to a bazillion, ya'think????


( I was asked if I quilt for others. Yes, I long arm quilt for other people. Though I do not make quilts for other people!)

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Wonky Girl said...

Well, a bazillion pieces is not for me but to each his own! LOL Your Pineapple is coming along very nice and I do like the Stars quilt.
Do you ever quilt for others? I don't think you have ever mentioned that.