Sunday, December 26, 2010

First Time Making These!

I have had this recipe for a while. And I KNOW you can cheat & melt caramels & there USED to be these caramel "wrap" things you could buy to wrap around apples. But, I wanted to make them from scratch. Took me 2 hours start to finish, and you stir the WHOLE time. Will I do this again? Yep, I will. They turned out great, look great, taste great, and I am pleased.

I drizzled them with white chocolate. I wanted to drizzle them with milk chocolate too, but I just got too tired. 2 hours is long enough to be standing in the kitchen. I had to eat my dinner standing too!

the "caramel" color didn't actually begin until nearly the last 10 minutes.

I kept the apples in the fridge - but I still got those little bubbles. That is the ONLY part of them that I don't like.

the baby isn't getting one of these. #1 -he don't have enough teeth. #2 That's pure sugar. PURE. (4 cups white granulated sugar & 2 cups of Karo syrup)


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~Niki~ said...

i just gained a pound reading this lol