Saturday, December 18, 2010

Not A Christmas Gift

QB1 brought me a few gifts today. One is a basket - monogrammed just for me! It folds flat. Isn't that cool? I carry so much around with me, a basket is WONERFUL idea......And what color is it people??? MY FAVORITE color. RED, red, red. I love red. See? QB1 listens to me.

Also she brought me a folding travel Rowenta Iron. She has one just like it & uses it during guild meetings. I have been gushing over how neat hers she got me one.

The other box is something she picked up for me that I will be gifting. Not as a Christmas gift, just gifting. It's a butter keeper. Do you have one? They are the NEATEST thing. You can load them with a whole stick of butter in it.(real butter here people, not the yellow fake junk) Put the cup part into the bowl part upside down IN WATER and the water seals it & prevents the butter from going rancid. My DD#1 bought one for me that I keep on the lazy susan on the kitchen table.

Yes, i know, those butter keepers are an old idea. You caint get one on @ WalMart - so it's a new idea, right?

Today I finished quilting the last "customer" quilt of the year. I can't go into what it was because MAYBE the intended person reads my blog. Fat chance of that, but it might even be accidently read over someone's shoulder. Let's just say I called it the Fonzie Quilt. After Christmas, I'll tell you what I mean about "Fonzie". (remember Happy Days? I am likely dating myself here...)

Thank you QB1 for the presents. I love them & will definately use them. Darn it, I forgot to send home those little cheese cakes with her too.........I promise you, it's gray hair I have, not blonde...


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Barb said...

I truly have the butter keepers, the long ones with the husband love butter and so we keep it on the counter and it works great...use it too much for it to go bad.

Love the other items too...the basket is adorable.