Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ocean Waves SO FAR !!

Well , this weekend I had 2 goals. One was to get my day time job caught up (long story short - Someone resigned & I am "filling in" until a replacement can be hired & trained - and I am behind on BOTH jobs....) Enough of "work" , who wants to hear about that anyway???????? Second goal was to get all the rows sewn together on my Ocean Waves Quilt.

I did that.

13 blocks X 15 blocks. Currently 75 inches by 89 inches. I still lack the half blocks. I dont' have ANY started. None. Then there will be a 1.5" innner blue border, a middle pinwheel border, and then a 6" outer blue border. And it will be done. Don't hold your breath thinking it's going to get done in September. If I get it done before Christmas, I will be happy.

Well? What'cha think of it now?



~Joan said...

Stunning, Sam! Thanks for some great pictures.

heather said...

It looks wonderful

Anonymous said...

This is a most beautiful quilt ! such a great pattern and lovely shades your chose. Bravo !