Thursday, August 26, 2010

NQR - Re-Useable Shopping Bags

Well, I use some bags that I bought from Kroger. They were not cheap! $3.98 each (I think). I have 12 of them. They are a very good size & the inside is coated with a plastic - sort of. Anyway - I get a lot of compliments on them from various stores & checkers when I use them. But I digress, I am off th topic as to WHY I was making this post. Yesterday, in west TN @ Wal-Mart, I was using my bags & the checker says to me "Oh these are nice, where'd you get them?" Kroger's, I say. She says "They seem small." I say - Really? Because 2 one gallon jugs of milk fit in there with room to spare, how many jugs of milk do you put in a plastic bag? She says "2". Then she says - "well it's a good thing that you have them" - I have not had a good week, so by now I was READY for a DISCUSSION (argument?)I respond to her with Why is that? She says - "well, after the first of the year, we're going bagless!" I told her that I had not seen anything advertised anywhere about that....She says- "Well, you'll have to bring your own, or buy what we have"

So, there you have it. Get your bags before the price gouging begins.


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