Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ocean Waves - PROGRESS !!!

Here are 8 of the 15 rows that I need for my queen size Ocean Waves Quilt. This 8 has the pinwheels going in one direction & the other 7 rows will have the pinwheels going in the opposite direction.

I don't have any part of the 7 rows started. Well, that's a lie. I have the blocks with all the half square triangles done, just not the "ocean" blocks (meaning the ones with the blue background..)

After those rows, I lack the half blocks, that complete the design. I will need.....wait for it.........56 half blocks. Which is equal to........wait for it.....448 half square triangles.

THEN there is the pinwheel border. No clue YET, how many hst's that will use.

I'm thinking that I don't have enough hst's for the 2nd quilt. Dang. I will have left over hst blocks, so I'll just have to make more. (probably not right know?)

Went to a shop in Franklin - the Quilting Squares (I think) & bought a new pattern. it's an addiction, you know??? the pattern is from Bonnie Blue Quilts called "Belle Meade". It is a Lady of the Lake variation. Belle Meade is a city in Tennessee near Nashville. It a gorgeous high dollar area. I never knew the history of Belle Meade. Originally, Belle Meade was a horse farm. BBQuilts always has a story for their patterns. Makes them so much more interesting.

Anyway - The Lady of the Lake pattern is another of my favorites. since I have SO MANY half-square-triangles, I would'nt have to make more! Remember - I have musling hst's too!

I think it will look very different with plain muslin as the light areas.

I am feeling better this week. Not quite as MANY dizzy spells. Still have them though. They are a huge p.i.t.a. for sure. It's the nasea that comes after the dizzyness that is hard to handle.

Talk at you all later.



Barb said...

I hope you get rid of the dizzy spells, do you know what is causing them?

Your ocean waves is out of this world....!!

momtofatdogs said...

The doctor said that it's "normal", it's the little hairs in the iner ear that are dying & causing the spells. I guess you get used to them & your equilibrium equalizes ???? I guess you just get over it & get your balance back. It's just been a week. Hopefully they wont last much longer.


Kat said...

Your quilt is stunning! I agree.. it will be one of your favorites!

I hope your nausia and dizzies are gone...