Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I came home early today to TRY & get rid of a rotten headache. So far, I have not been successful. Nasty, rotten headache. Making me sick at my stomach. And my personality exceptionally unbarable. To say it bluntly: I'm being ugly.

Oddly enough, I started getting these headaches this time last year. I chalked it up to stress over moving. Been a few months since I've had one, but I have one TODAY !

I took a nap - but my arm kept falling asleep, so I got up to take care of the animal chores.

I hate this headache. It's awful. I COULD use a LOT more adjectives, but being a potty mouth on line isn't very polite - I don't feel like being polite right now, but I will spare you the blue cloud of adjectives I am walking around in. Not pretty, I am sure you will agree....

At any rate - I am off to La-La Land early. It's still light & will be for another 1 & a half hours. I brought the guard dog in to keep me company. Since Prince Charming is going to be very late tonight & I took something that SHOULD knock me out in about 40 minutes - I want another dog to keep me company.

Notice I didn't say "safe"? There is nothing here to be paranoid or scared of. Extrememly normal, passive, ultra-safe neighborhood. I've never felt better in my life, here in this area....but since I'm not feeling well, I want the guard dog.

Don't laugh at him. He really IS the guard dog. I promise you he is. That's my Bourbon. I keep him all groomed up and shaved. Looks like a giant Cocker Spaniel. he is NOT freindly. I have owned "big" dogs all my life, and this sweet little baby is more aggressive than either of the Rottweillers I owned. I promise you he is.

I have a 100# German Shepherd too - pretty boy here - Bourbon - is the more aggressive of the 2. Briscoe - the shepherd, is learning. Soon I'll have 2 guard dogs. Bourbon though, he's quite the Momma's Boy. Stays within a 10 foot radius of me. Won't even let the favorite fat dog STAY near me. he lets her come to me to be petted, but not to lay next to me.

Well - enough of my headache & enough of my passion for my pets - I'm off to sleep - no post is ever complete without a photo - so here's the guard dog in all his glory.


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Barb said...

Sorry for you headache