Friday, August 21, 2009

Insane Applique???

Ah! Ha Ha Ha Ha !

Talk about biting off more than I can chew! Ha Ha Ha! Isn't it great that I can laugh at myself???

DD#2 is having grandchild #1 - Due in December. Well, I told DD#2 that she could pick the quilt. Well, silly me, I provided the books!

I have several books/patterns by Brandywine Designs, authored by Linda Hohag. You ever SEEN any of those? Cute, cute , cute. Beyond adorable. I bought these books YEARS ago. But , at that time, my girls were too old to want something this cutesie.

Do you know how many appliqued quilts I have EVER done? 3. Just 3. One had blanket stitched stars on it, one had machine satin stitched butterflies, and the last one has needle turned leeaves & hearts on the border. Just 3.

This one, I'll tell you, will be a challenge. Yup, definately a CHALLENGE.

The book I am using is called "Critters Dancing in the Moonlight". I am making the "Critter Corner Quilt". 17 appliqued DANCING animals.

This is my first of the animals. I hope, that by posting my progress, I get them all done & the quilt constructed before DGC#1's arrival. (besides that, it's been a little peice since I had a post with QUILTING.....)

See how tiny these peices are? Ha, Ha Ha Ha Ha. DD#2 says - "Momma, when you get this done, can we hang it on the wall?" Oh, yeh, baby PLEASE hang it on the wall. I'd at least like to look at this one for a little while after it's made - because I likely won't ever make another one. That's a lie. A big lie. I been dying to make one of these a long time now.

I'd like to make the "Alpha-Bears" quilt too. But I think I'll save another insane applique quilt of this caliber when DD#1 decides to have a family & children too. I figure I'm good for ONE extrememly difficult quilt per kid. After that - it's a free for all....I get to make what I want when I want!

It's not much to look at right now - but this is the MOUSE !!!!



Greg said...

Congrats on the grandchild. Good luck on the quilt. I'll be looking for photos of progress.

Chris said...

It will be fun following this one. At least you have a few months

Kat said...

I can't wait to see your progress on the quilt! What a great adventure you and Prince Charming have ahead of you!