Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gift Registries

anybody that really knows me, KNOWS I am a non-traditionalist. Non-Traditional when it comes to my life. Extrememly traditional on other aspects. A big-see-saw.....Conservative, liberal....all rolled into one.

Too much to put into words...

ANYWAY - DD#2 comes home for the weekend & we went & "Registerd" at Babies-R-Us & Taget for the baby. I never did that. Not for either baby.

Let me tell you...I was very Who knew that there was more than ONE breast pump to buy?

The baby STUFF that is available now a days is overwhelming. Overwhelming. It goes on forever. Rows & rows & rows of baby STUFF.

We got through it. No arguments. No bickering. It was a nice pleasant day.



Kyra said...

I was clueless to what I needed when I did mine I just wish I'd have gotten more diapers than anything I love the pampers newborn swaddlers though after they grew out of those then the walmart & dollar general brands work great!

Millie said...

All the new stuff you can do these days...the good thing my kids are all in school and there will be not a baby shower in the near future. Thanks for sharing all the new tips.