Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Waiting Game

I am home from work this morning waitning ont he new living room furniture to be delivered. It's supposed to be here between 9AM & Noon. It's 9:30AM, I am not patient.
I took photos of the empty living room but I am clueless how to get the photos off my digital camera (because I can't find the install cd for it) to post them on my blog. Very frustrating.
I have swept the floors, swiffer wet jetted the floors & vacumed the rug too. I am also (while waiting impatiently) doing my least favorite chore in the whole wide world. LAUNDRY. Figured I could catch up on it while I wait. I hate to try & start anything for fear I won't hear the truck. I have plenty of PROJECTS that I can occupy my time with, I assure you.
Last year, I started a (quiltville pattern) Star Struck Quilt. Green & Cream Stars & then the accent colors are gold & brown. It will be beautiful. Funny thing is, it's MOSTLY green & even DD#1 commented that I don't USUALLY make anything in that color. I also do not have anything in my stash to use as the borders (when it DOES get done). I'll have to go to the fabric store to find soemthing. Darn it! A trip to the fabric store! How awful....
Honestly - I think I started thsi quilt a year (or longer) ago as a graduation gift for my neice. Her favorite color is green. I ran out of time to complete the quilt. So i ended up gifting her a quilt that I already had finished peicing. All I had to do was quilt it & bind it & then DD#2 took it to CA for the graduation when she went.
As everyone that knows me knows...I am horrible with deadlines. Just horrible. So I am finishing the Star Struck for ME ! A little out of my "normal" colors.....but it will be beautiful when done.
Sitting home is boring. I have so much work to do at "work" because it's so close to the end of the month. I hate being off during such a crucial time period, but DH couldn't stay home & DD#1 was home sick yesterday - so she couldn't stay home today either....It was me or nothing.
Maybe I can figure out the camera before too long & I can finally post photos...one hopes.....

See Y'all later!
Sam in Middle TN

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