Sunday, July 13, 2008

July Already !

It's been a month & I just got DSL hooked up at the house. No easy feat....a whole new story. I am using DD#1's computer - I really need to replace mine! I don't have the camera software installed - be doing that this week.
I don't have any photos to attach. We only JUST ordered furniture this weekend. Every weekend that we have been here has been WIDE OPEN - no joke. The last weekend in June my niece & I flew to Texas - landed in Houston - rented a truck - packed up DD#1's apartment , loaded it and started towards nashville on Saturday. DD#1's car broke down in Lake Charles , Louisiana. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a tow dolly for a car after 3 PM on a Saturday? In pouring rain, no less. got it loaded & drove to Nashville. Keep in mind, the rental truck only had 2 seats, we had to get a patio chair out of the truck and stuck in the center...that was fun...3 adults, 2 dogs....rental truck & car on a tow dolly - we looked oh so unprofessional. But we did get to Nashville.
the 4th of July weekend - DD#1 accompanied me to Ohio. North of Cleveland. That is as far north as Ihave ever been in my life. Why Ohio? i sold the Gammill to a lady up there. DD#1 & I delivered it. It was a little hairly getting up there. #1 we were tired, #2 I was apprehensive, #3 DH said he was apprehensive. Turns out the lady I sold it too was really nice. The inside of her house looked so much like ours it was un-canny. Not furniture, just style. Nearly the same age, lifestyle etc. i am so glad that her husband is handy. He helped us assemble the table & get the machine going. I stayed to help her see me use it & how to thread it & load a quilt, etc. It was a crash course & I think it was helpful but surely not enough time. DD#1 & I got back to Nashville about 8 PM on Saturday. It was a nice trip, hauling that 14' trailer was interesting. You need a lot of space to change lanes with that thing trailing behind you!
This weekend I had my sister to the house for a BBQ - it stormed - rained , wind - it didn't ruin anything - but it made smoking on the deck interesting.....
At any rate. That's the "check in". Now that I have access to a computer, I can POST more often.

See Ya !

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