Sunday, July 20, 2008

An "Ah-Ha!" Moment

Yesterday - DD#1 & I met up witha frined from AL in Franklin, TN - we had a very high priced sandwich at a shop in downtown Franklin. It WAs high priced , but it was also GOOD! I had roast beef, DD#1 had chicken salad. Then we went to Stitcher's Garden. It was my first time in that shop. I had heard a lot about them. They had bolt after bolt after bolt of fabric. And then more bolts. It was an endless maze of fabric, dead ends too. There were SO many bolts of fabric, you couldn't see them all. Stacked so high you couldn't see them all. That didn't deter me though...I dropped a hefty sum (not my regular schedule, I assure you....) I bought a brown print , for borders. A flag print for a patriotic quilt, and r/w/b 2.5 inch strips for the same thing...and then I bought .....oh.....25 fat quarters.....? it was a full bag. Then my freind & I parted company - she was there to visit her daughter...
My DD#1 & I went to Michael's. She is making something - can't tell because if I say what she's making, it will give it all away .....then we went to Ashley Furniture. They had called to try & set up a delivery date for a our furniture. Delivery date is now set for Tuesday 7/29! I am SO excited.
But - the Ah-Ha moment is because TODAY I have successfully quilted an entire quilt with MONOFILAMENT thread! Happy Dance - Happy Dance!!! The ONLY time I had to rethread was when I ran out of bobbin thread. I am so excited about that. I can't tell you how many times I have tried to quilt with mono thread, only to have it knot, have it break, have it make loops on the matter how hard I tried, I could NOT use it on my other/older machine! Ultimately - I refused to use it , if a customer wanted mono thread, they had to take their quilt elsewhere......I am sure that it was a total operator error - no doubt- but I tried it today on my Nolting and had absolutely no problems. It looks GREAT. I am happy, happy, happy!
I have not loaded the camera software onto DD#1's computer - soooo, I can't load photos.....soon, I promise, soon!
DD#1 bathed all the BIG dogs today. Chelsea smells so much better now! Bourbon is shiny & slick & big boy Briscoe is probably 5 pounds of hair lighter! Sleek, all of them! Thank You DD#1!
gotta go
talk to you all later!

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