Monday, July 11, 2016

Sewing Room Cutting Table

On Saturday 7/09 we tackled creating my cutting table for my new sewing room. I only had a picture off pinterest as my inspiration & I'm pretty sure that they had used IKEA cube units. As you can see from the packaging, I used Wal-Mart cube units. They were about $10 less than the IKEA brand. These boxes have been sitting in this spot few months.

6 sets of IKEA casters. We only used one wheel off each set. You'll see why later!

In order to bring the cube units up tall enough to be comfortable to cut on, we built a frame from 2x4's. We connected the 2x4's with those Kreg Screws. Time consuming, but ultra strong!

Here is the frame with the metal runners that the casters attach to. The casters are designed to straddle the bottom of the unit & since we're putting the units back to back we didn't need the 2nd caster. so we chopped off the end with a metal grinder & then drilled an additional hole
Here you see the great (ha!) cutting job we did & the additional screw holes.

The table is too wide to fit through the door, we assembled it in my sewing room. I painted the 2x4 frame a high glass white & we screwed the frame into the units. There is actually nothing holding the units to each other!

Table top made from oak plywood, edged in oak. The edging is about 1/16th higher so that my cutting mat doesn't slide off.

We used little "L" brackets to attach the table top to the cube units. I need more Command Hooks so I can hang more rulers on the ends of the cube units where there are no baskets.

View from the hallway door.


This little project took slightly longer to construct than I anticipated, but it came out EXACTLY how I envisioned it! I am really glad that I chose to have the casters. I can push it out of the way or up against the other wall units. Right now, it's perfect where it is.

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