Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Quilt Label Wanna Be

I made this label for the quilt (in the last post) - I set it up on my computer with the embroidery software - took FOR ever! More like 20 minutes. Well it's over 19,000 stitches - at 600 stitches per minute? That took more than a half an hour - 45 minutes if you count hooping & rethreading stitch out. I stood there & watched it. then it took me another 45 minutes to an hour to pick out all the stabilizer. The shiny topping stuff is water soluable so I wasn't really about that. But - I made a HUGE mistake! HUGE. Did I say how huge??? HUGE.  Last night I came home from work - never should have tried to sew...never... - and decided I was going to sew the binding on my quilt & get the label on it. I always put heat & bond on the labels so that after I'm done sewing them on I hit it with an iron & they are there FOREVER. Well guess what I did??? I ironed the heat & bond the RIGHT side of that label instead of the back! I was so mad at myself for making that stupid mistake. After I got done being mad? I cried. So now I get to make another one. Yay. (I was being sarcastic in case you missed it)


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