Monday, November 25, 2013

Partial Construction

Last week, while slcing potatoes for a "work" dinner, I cut my thumb open & while it's a very small cut, it bleeds with any type of pressure on it. I had intended on spending my weekend sewing the bindings onto 2 quilts. I got them machine sewn on one side, but I couldn't sew for very long without aggravating that stinking cut! So, I tried paper peicing some more blocks for my Everlasting Wreath. Yet again, i got my thumb bleeding every time that I would apply pressure on it. Like ANYWHERE on my thumb would get it bleeding. If you SAW this little cut you'd think I was bluffing, that there's no way it can bleed so much???? Trust me, it bleeds. A. Lot. So...what to do, what to do..??? I figured I'd try putting some blocks together on the Wreath Quilt. I can count, on one hand, how many times that I have made anything with set-in seams & knew it was going to be challenging. And truthfully? If I had not been sewing on LINES, I may not have been so eager to try it. I have a bunch of blocks done, but not near enough! Add to that, I thought I could stop at 188? Turns out I'm probably going to increase the number of blocks by like 80 becasue the little portion that you see in these pictures is not quite half way accross the top of the bed. ( from side to side)
The pattern does not give instructions to do what I am doing, but if you'll notice, I am making the "wreaths" complete. Or rather, not making partial "wreaths". So I have to make partial blocks - not including the half blocks that i'll make for the top & bottom (once I GET that far!) I have not decided if I will make some sort of wedge block for the sides. Maybe when I get that far I'll have made a decision by then. Thanks for looking! Have a great day! It's supposed to start sleeting here this afternoon....Yay! (not!) Sam

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