Monday, November 18, 2013

Never Ending Wreath

Oh yah, it's the EVER-lasting Wreath..........I keep forgetting. I have not worked on my quilt blocks in over a month. My last "count" on my log is 09/03/2013. As of today, of 188 blocks, I have 27 more blocks to complete that are 50/50 (half light & half dark) I need 47 all dark blocks, I need 10 half blocks ~ not sure whether or not these have lights in them or not...and 30 "wedges". So? I still have a WAYS to go! the last 10 blocks that I completed only took me 2 days, and I was sick one of them & took a four hour nap. All in all it's coming along beautifully - if it were not for the fact that I like BIG quilts & also that I want the "wreaths" to be complete & not just run off on the edges....I could probably be more than half done by now, but ??? That's just not ME right??? And, the most dreaded part of quiltmaking for me is putting the BINDING on & guess what??? I have 3 that need bindings right now. Yuck. I machine sewed one on 100%. And it's already in the mail to my brother in CA. The other 2 are MINE. I have them serged, but I need to machine sew the binding to the back & then hand sew them down on to the front. It's late & no natural light, so no pictures tonight y'all. Sam PS - the picture is to show you how serious I am at getting my blocks done! I set up this ole drying rack with all my strips on it. They are WAY easier to see & pick this way!

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Mia's Cottage said...

Send em' my way... I don't mind at all putting them on.