Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spools up-Date

I have been sewing, just very little.

I finished my sppols quilt about 2 months ago. You're seeing it from the balcony of the church where my guild meets. Certainly a birds-eye view!

As you can see, my borders are a tad bit It will "quilt-out", it always does , so I am not worried. It's 93"X107" ! And those borders (again with the borders....) that fabric has definately AGED in my stash. I loved it when I bought it & I love it now. It's a Civil War Re-Pro print and has large pheasants on it. I think I got it one year while Prince Charming was pheasant hunting in South Dakota. Not sure, but I THINK so!

Thank you to Mr Pappenfus for the lovely pictures. You did an awesome job.

Those YELLOW spools sure stand out, don't they? - Know what though? I like it! I even have enough blocks sewn into rows for another SPOOLS Quilt! Pretty sure I'll set them on point, but have no idea for the borders & side setting triangles. I'll have to shop my stash for that.

I am currently working on a few PP blocks for my neverending Everlasting Wreath Quilt. They are faster than the blocks for either of the other 2 PP pineapple quilts...I call it THERAPY QUILTING. I mean, sewing on lines is a no-brainer right??? Right! I am easily side tracked though..I'll tell you that!

My youngest DD graduated grad-school (see post below!) and my NaNa duties have all but halted. Thought I'd have a boatload of free time at my disposal. Turns out, I don't. Can't explain that. Anyone know why? I don't, that's for sure...

Oh! I also completed a chair for my nephew Jeremy & his wife Alisha. This was my Mother's chair.



It's much more poofier. (sp?) I doubled the foam in the seat becasue , well, it is a HARD seat, it's just plywood. Note to self: When you double the foam or increase the foam size from the original....You can NOT use the old fabric peices as a pattern. They are too small. Self? This is very good advice!

Anyway...that's all I have to show for right now.



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Love it!!!

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Love it!