Sunday, April 22, 2012

Niece #7's Quilt & a Basket

Nearly a year ago, my nephew in So Cal was diagnosed with a childhood desease & in an effort to send a hug long distance, I quilted up a quilt that I had made previously. Well, my nephew has a sister & I really felt badly that I didn't send one for her too. So.......I asked said niece what her favorite colors were & she said Pink & Green. As in Barbie Hot Pink & Neon Green.

To say that those colors are slightly out of my box, would be an understatement. A serious understatement. I made the body of the quilt LAST YEAR y'all. LAST YEAR. All I lacked was the outer border to complete the design & then the green final border. yah, I'm a slacker. I totally hate deadlines. So i don't make them.

I quilted it this morning. Amazing how quick a twin size quilt can be quilted! Loading, quilting & cutting off the extra was like 3 hours start to finish. You probably can't see the thread, but I used th darkest pink thread I had to quilt this quilt.

I used a pantograph called Wave Over Wave by Urban Elementz. Nice interlocking design.

And this basket is a LARGE one. Way easier to embroider than those mini ones!

Well - This quilt has been lurking for a year. It had to be done & I needed to get it QUILTED & sent.
Now I have 3 more quilts waiting to get done. MAP & Deb! You're up next y'all!!

Work, my real job, has increased some & my time in the evenings has been pretty tied up. So my personal commitments have suffered. I am not gonna complain about my job. I like what I do. A lot. So we'll leave it at that. In 2 weeks I'll be off work for a wekk for a quilting retreat. YAY ME!! I will have both , maybe all 3, quilts completed & shipped to thier owners BEFORE then!

See you all later, or next week, or maybe even next month!!


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Anonymous said...

oh that turned out beautifully!!