Sunday, February 5, 2012

Painting The Dining Room

I love Red. It's my favorite color. But it's been really hard to live with in my dining room.




PS - 2 coats of primer & 2 coats of color. We didn't repaint the lower part of the room. Left it the high gloss white. I still lack getting the fabric for the curtains & the chair seats. We'll be making a cornice box that I'll cover witht he curtain fabric.

Joan~ I think you hit the nail onthe head. I think the red was overwhelming in that space, and the furniture looked SO crowded in the there. The whole time we were painting, I kept telling Prince Charming that it looked bigger to me! He said it was my imagination, but this morning after we moved all the SAME furniture back in, he siad that it looked less crowded. And it's all in the same exact spot! Nothing less & nothing more! And he likes the color too. It looks washed out in these pictures, but it's a gray green color. I love it. paint hte master bedroom & m-bathroom!


Barb said...

I love the mother would die for the before!!

~Joan said...

Maybe because it was BRIGHT and the room was a little small to take it?

Great--so you went from my kitchen color to my sewing room color!! Looks good. How many coats did it take to cover the red?