Friday, July 23, 2010


Well, I have been swimming in Half-Square-Triangles on my Ocean Waves. Pun intended (only it sounded funnier in my head.) I have been in meetings all week. I won't get into that - suffice it to say that my "day time job" gets interesting & one sure wouln't guess it because of the industry I work in. So while driving back & forth to these meetings, while I was the passenger , & during the "breaks", I frog-stitched the hst's to make the alternate "ocean" blocks. Ocean Blocks? Well? Wouldn't they be the the ones with the back ground fabric? & the blocks with the hst's be the "waves"? In my head they are......Anyway - I have enough frog-stitched to make HALF of the blocks for ONE quilt. But I am SO excited to get that far! Maybe, Maybe, Maybe....I can get the "Ocean" blocks done this weekend. I want too! You need to see the pile of frog-stitched hst's though..........CUTE !! And you know what? I sewed them together wrong the first time, had to rip out 22 of them. Do you know how SMALL these boogers are? 2".

One day

One day

When I get them done, it will be my favorite. You wait & see what I tell you.


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