Monday, July 26, 2010

Ocean Waves PROGRESS

Above is the block I am currently making. Photo curtesy of

Below are photos of the progress I made this weekend. That's me (in all my glory!) and my Bourbon. He is always within touching distance. As I type thispost, he's lying between my legs. He is no small dog.........65 pounds. But he is a lover , and he has took to the grandbaby too.......

ANYWAY........I have made all the dark wings for the alternate "Ocean" blocks. Well, maybe ALL. I have made enough for 72 - but I like big quilts & will likely end up making more because I like my "queen size" quilts to be nearly as large as a "king size". I have half the triangles sewn onto the light side of the wings & maybe tonight I can sew the 2nd half on. I disassembled ( nice way of saying frog-stitched) 288 hst's for these "wings". Do you see what I mean by "wings" in the top image?

It's progress and I am SO loving it. Once the Ocean blocks are done, it's just a matter of webbing the blocks.......Maybe that's the term. (?) Then all I lack are the half blocks that go on the sides, which go on before the the inner border, which is same color as the background. (Blue in this rendition.)

Then I'll have a middle border of HST's set as pinwheels & then the outer border of the background fabric.

It IS progress. I can't wait to start sewing blocks into rows & rows into a quilt top!

I'm sure I mentioned this before, but I have enough HST's for 2. The next one is red. Then I am working on another 2 (yes TWO) Ocean Waves Quilts. Muslin is the background on those 2. Don't hold your breath waiting on ANY of them (including the blue one) getting finished in 2010.

My feather pillow is calling.........


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Barb said...

You sure are abitious to make so many of those...just lovely!