Friday, February 19, 2010

Stripper Party

On Thursday nights, a few of my QB's & I get together & sew. This started last year around early summer. Started out strong with 4 of us. Now, it's more or less just me & QB1 (Pam!) but recently, we have promoted another girl (Nancy!) to QB2 because she's been coming a little more regularly then before. Don't make me eat my words QB2............

Anyway - because I had an appointment late Thursday night (to get our taxes done) we rescheduled our Thursday night to Wednesday night. Turns out that due to an unplanned report at my real job, I didn't GET to leave to go to my tax appointment & havve had to reschedule.......ANYWAY.....Wednesday night QB1 & QB2 came over to my house & we tackled a box of scraps that I have. QB1 & I cut & QB2 ironed. There were lot's of bigger scraps & if either of them wanted the big peices, we didn't cut them.

Let me tell you! I am SO grateful that we got that container dealt with. I feel lighter. Cleaner. Relieved....Now I have strips! Lot's of 2" strips.

I hoep that I never get that big a pile of scraps again. NOW - after I finish a project, I cut up the scraps into strips - long ones into one bin & short ones into the PP Pineapple bin. I think I have enough short peices of scraps to make 4 PP Pineapple Quilts.

We (yes WE!) still have another plastic container FULL of more scraps to go through.

Another night, I suppose?



Barb said...

Now that sounds like fun!!

~Joan said...

Sam, check out Debbie Caffrey's "worm" books. A worm is a 2" wide fabric strip. I'm jealous of your strips!! Too bad we aren't neighbors.


~Joan said...

Sam, check out Debbie Caffrey's two "worm" books. A worm is a strip of fabric. I can't remember if hers are 2" or 2-1/2" off the top of my head. Old age, you know.

Too bad we aren't neighbors.