Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend Project

As any homeowner knows, there is always a never ending list of "projects".

2 "projects" on our list were to install gutter guards and seal the cement. the technical term for the cement that we have is exposed aggregate. Or so the pros at Lowe's said....

DH installed the gutter guards on Saturday. Our roof is so steep, it's a one person job. I held the ladder, fetched, cut and handed. His fingers were so raw by the time we got done! BEFORE we started installing the gutter guards - we pressure washed the porch, the walkway & the whole driveway.

Sunday we got up & started masking off the porch & columns in preparation for the sealant. the stuff has to be applied every 2 years. It took 5 hours, 25 gallons, 2 rollers, a leaf blower and DH's persistance to get it done!

That's 2 HUGE projects out of the way. I WISH it had been cheaper, but at least it's done.

Next week? We run conduit in the basement to install electrical outlets in the shop side of the basement. then we get to move all that heavy stuff back into place.

These pictures don't show you the finsihed areas of the sealing , where it looks like it's wet, it's been sealed. It hought you could get a good idea of how MUCH there was to do!


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The Calico Quilter said...

I'm sure the sealant made it look very nice - and, MAN, that's a lot of concrete!

I would love to hear someone's experiences with the gutter guards. I need something to keep the oak leaves out. Half the people say they work and half say they are a waste of money. My solution so far is to pay the lawn guy twice a year to clean them out - all 220 feet of them. I think I could have bought gutter guards for the entire neighborhood by now for the same money.