Thursday, October 23, 2008

Checking In

Been a few weeks since I posted. lazy that's all

I got to visit with one of my brothers last weekend. I brought my camera, but left it in the truck when we swapped cars. I drove to Mobile to visit with him. Do you have any clue how far away Mobile is from Nashville? I got home at 4 am on Saturday. I don't regret seeing my brother. Nobody died, so that's always a good visit.

I have been horribly UN-PRODUCTIVE lately. I have done very little sewing & I lack getting customer quilts done too. maybe if I didn't need sleep, I would be better off.....

I woke up yesterday with a wrenched back. I have NO CLUE how I did it, sore, sore , sore....I stayed home from work today & laid in bed all day. I feel much better & can actually get out of a chair. Monumenatl , I assure you.

I reconnected with an old freind. She unfortuneatley lost her Mother recently. I know how that is. I hope that whatever past differences that we may have had, can be put behind us. Life is too short. It really is.

Need to go, while I'm feeling better, I need to take care of the "big dogs".

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