Monday, June 16, 2014

Little Quilts - Not the STORE, but the SIZE !!

Joan shared a link for a free pattern from another blogger's web page and I have used it a LOT lately. Y'all know I have a regular full time job. Sometimes it's really FULL. Like during the month end processes - so, in my defense, I can't make lots & lots of charity/donation quilts. But when I do? I crank them out!

Here are 7 that I am sending to a guild that will quilt them & hand them out as they see fit. I endorse what they do and they are happy to get them too.

I have a severe disadvantage of volunteers to hold up quilts while I take photos - so you're seeing these sideways, clothes-pinned to my dog kennel fence. You gotta work with what you got!

The 2 Owl Quilts are just started. They will go along with the other 5. I find it easier to do 2 simultaneously. Just seems more efficient. For me anyway!


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