Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Newly Bound #1

this is ONe of TWo quilts that I got back from the L/A - please - don't give me any grief - I got this back before THANKSGIVING! Putting the binding on is one of my most dreaded part of quilt making. this quilt has a story - pretty sure I wrote it out before - but here goes again. I made the BLOCKS for this quilt oh...6 or 7 years ago? Got disgusted with them becasue I didn't make them come out all the right size - I gifted them to a quilt guild buddy this year - Diane Miller - becasue she makes a lot (I mean A LOT) of charity quilts, figured she'd turn it into a charity quilt, well she made the quilt up & GAVE IT BACK TO ME! I love it - I don't remember what batting I had in it but it's a WARM one for sure!

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