Thursday, September 26, 2013

Long Time No Post!

Goodness! I feel like I have been neglecting my blog. Well you know...when life gets you busy, bogs get pushed to the back burner. I HAVE been incredibly busy! All family oriented too. Y'all know I have 2 beautiful daughters right? Well, it seems both are flying the figuative coop nearly simultaneously. My youngest graduated GRAD school in May & secured a job in a county north of us. She moved the weekend of the 14th. It took 2 trips and thankfully less than half went UP-stairs. I felt like the Beverly Hillbillies! Prince Charming, aptly named I might add...., was a Prince & we did it in our F250 pickup truck & a 14' long trailer. Oh, yah & lots of straps. I'm one of those people that overdoes the straps. In my (pea brain) little mind, the more straps the better. No sense in letting something fall off! the Princess had it all packed up, so no complaints there! My oldest daughter has secured a position in TX, and her first day will be 10/14. So .... I am going to take a week's vacation & she & I will be renting a U-Haul, a car dolly & probably a furniture dolly...and we will be taking a ROAD TRIP to move her to Austin, TX the week before her first day. Did I tell you she's got 3 dogs? The grand-dogs. Yah, 3. Chihuahuas. (I made a similar trip to this one from HOUSTON in 2008 but there were only TWO then!) I am not complaining as it will be a great huge block of time for us to be spending together. And...other than some large boxes, bookshelves & maybe a chest...there is not the furniture to move. We'll have to rent a regular dolly because I will be flying back. So? That's my life lately in a nutshell. I have done precious little sewing. I have not even plugged back up my sewing machine from where I went to my quilt guild meeting on the 9th of this month! Sad isn't it? I have poked around & cut out a FEW blocks for my grandson's I Spy Quilt. I had originally wanted to have it done for him for Christmas & while it's still floating around inthe bback of my mind for Christmas, I dont want to push it. Just in case you need a reminder of just how gorgeous my daughters are??? Here's a reminder!
That's the Super Star on the left & the Princess on the right. One day I'll explain WHY we call them that. It's not like you think though, I'll guarantee it! TTYL! Sam

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