Sunday, December 23, 2012

Traveling Woman

There has been little to no sewing in the last few weeks. No-One on my Christmas list will get anything that is even remotely quilt related or sewn. I hvae no excuses on the sewing/quilting front. Much of it? Want to. Just didn't WANT to. For sure there has been no sewing THIS weekend becasue I went on a road trip. Where did I go? Waterloo, Iowa. Did you know it's snowing up there? Yah. Snowing. As in like 12 to 18 inches. I originally did not think it had snowied THAT much...told Prince Charming I didn't think it was that deep. Know what he askes me? "do you think those fences are that tall to keep chihuahuas in?" Ha! He was right! The fences we like 5 feet tall & you could only see the top foot of them! I had a really good laugh about it. Not only was there snow, but it rained before it snowed. So there was ICE on the roads too. Like 2 inches of it. Trucks & cars off the road in the ditches. Jacknifed tractor was a mess. A big mess. But? We got thru it all. Drove Friday up to there, and Saturday back from there. Round trip roughly 1300 miles. It's a long...long...long...story. I won't get into it. Let's just say (?) all my children are now in the same state!

Merry Christmas to ME !

Also - Merry Christmas to everyone else too.


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