Sunday, November 4, 2012

Settee For Me

We have this little bay area in the masterbedroom. It's a waste of space. Can't do anything with it. I had a glider rocker in there, but it stuck out too far. I bought this little settee at an estate sale in Brentwood. It has a down cushion. I seriously hope that it does not become our cat's favorite place.
I fell in LOVE with these legs!
This is seeing it from the bedside.

View from the door entering the room. As you can's not near as big as you think.

From the bathroom door. It fits in the space perfectly. I am SO glad I bought it.

As you can see...I have only mini-blinds. I have lived in my beautiful house for 4 years and can not decide what I want on those windows. They face west & get a LOT of light. And now that the room is painted yellow & not pea-green like it used to be...It is really lit up with light. Exactly like I wanted, but really rotten for naps. Yah, I like naps. One of the more important parts of my weekends!

This little settee will get a grand re-do sometime next year. I don't think you are getting the full effect of the burgundy upholstery with gold seals....It didn't even match the living room in the house that I bought it from. I am certain it's a reproductions as it SAYS it is on the tag!! From Fogle Furniture. Iplan on re-upholstering it & then also making a WHITE slipcover.
Not sure if I'll use for real French Linen as THAT is probably out of my price range....I like stuff to look good, but I don't want to be without my right arm either.

Yah, I know, it's not quilting. Oh well.


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