Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rails & Stars

After I finished my last quilt (On Eagles Wings - Paper Pieced!) I still had a boatload of strips. The LAST time I gave away scraps those 2 ladies made SEVEN quilts!! This time I didn't get that over zealous & cut that many, but still more than I needed....So I started sewing the strips together with no real idea of where I going with it. I decided I was not going to BUY any fabric & had to lean towards whatever design/pattern I could come up with by what I had in my stash. The yellow stars are leftover fabric from a quilt I finished last year (or the year before), the black in the borders was barely enough for the border (not sure if I have enough for the binding, but I'm gonna give it a shot!!!) and the green was in my stash - it wasn't LEFT OVER from anything....but I have had it for a while. Not sure HOW LONG, but it's older than 4 years, I am positive! Un-Quilted it is currently 91" X 105" - it's photographed on a queen size bed, in these pictures. So I am confident it will still be fairly large after I quilt it. Don't even ask me WHEN that will clue. Prince Charming likes it!


Teresa said...

I love this quilt! It is so pretty. Great job on sewing strips together.

Sarah Garofalo said...

I like it, too! A coherent scrappy. Very nice! -Sarah