Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fabric Shopping & Whittles

It was raining on Saturday. We REALLY need the rain. It's been so darn hot (humid too, but our grass is dying!) and the rain was so refreshing. (people in the south - none I have seen..- have irrigation systems installed - that's a western thing...)It rained Friday night, late, all day Saturday & a little bit on Sunday morning. When I got up on Saturday, I let Prince Charming sleep in - becasue it was raining. I figured we were not going to work outside on our shed. Once he woke up & we were having coffee on the back deck, in the rain (covered deck) I asked him about working on the shed???? He said it was raining & we couldn't. Darn. I hate that. Y'all know how much I wanted to be out in 100 degree heat with humidity @ 90% - installing vinyl siding? Yeah, I pretty much nearly jumped up & down for joy that we were not going to be "working outside". SSSooooo...........I called QB1 to see what she was doing.

We decided to go up to Kentucky to Whittles!

It wasn't a hard decision. she drove.

We got to Whittles & QB1 bought a bunch of fabric for herself and some for another member of our guild that wants to make pillow cases. I bought 2 peices of wide with fabric for backings & I bought 2 quilt kits.

The kits I bought were......drum roll please.............:

Jubilee Celbration & Second Hand Clothes. Both kits were made from patterns by Bonnie Blue Quilts, in Civil War Repro fabrics. The ones that they had on display in the shop were awesome & the price could not be beat.

The 2 backings are great too!Not sure who the manufacturer is on either..As I was going more for the color than who made them:

Not hardly ANY sewing this weekend. I made 3 receiving blankets for a baby shower, but since I finished the LAST one this morning before the shower, I didn't get pictures of them!

Good night all.



Barb said... your buys!! Glad you are getting some rain!

Mia's Cottage said...

Got your email on these...LOVE them!!! Thanks...