Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Ocean Waves Sewing & My Math Sucks

My whole family knows that my math sucks. Don't ever ask me to add 2 & 2 together. Idon't come up with 4. I just don't. So with that being said. I have got 2 of the pinwheel borders on my Ocean Waves Quilt. I still lack getting them onto to the "top" & the "bottom". Then there is suppossed to be a 6" outer blue border all the way around. In order to keep it less wide, I am thinking of making it only 4". We'll see.

The "TOP" & the "BOTTOM" are relative, as I think the quilt will only be 6 inches longer than it is wide. But again, my math pretty much sucks. So it will be what it IS when it's done. I just do not want it to be 108 inches wide or wider because all I have for backing is printed 108" wide!! I got ahead of myself & decided to put the pinwheel border on one side with the inner blue border first. Instead of putting the inner blue border on & THEN putting the pinwheel border on....That didn't work out so well, as the pinwheel border is not long enough to go to the edges of the pinwheel borders on the top/bottom. So I had to add pinwheels. I was too lazy to frog stitch it. THEN...I count out how many pinwheels I need for the opposite side...I came up 2 pinwheels short AFTER I was pinning the pinwheels to the body of the quilt. Which means the inner blue border is pieced instead of one continuous piece. I know it's pieced. I just don't LIKE it being pieced. Maybe I just need to take a break, but I'll tell you.........I am so CLOSE to getting it done!

I nned to spend some time frog-stitching on the pineapple down in the long arm room, Maybe THAT will put me int he mood for counting HST's. What do you think??? I don't think so........but I WILL frog-stitch some - just not all. And I WILL finish piecing this Ocean Waves Quilt before my birthday this month.

As you can see. It's pretty large as it is! And that's the grandbaby on there. He's getting so big! Yammers on & on all the time.

Oh - y'all see the blue painters tape on each side of the quilt , towards the bottom of the picture? Well, the grandbaby is all over that quilt becasue he can't SEE the line. The quilt is covering it up.

See? The baby is blue line trained. I put that tape on the floor & he doesn't cross it. Not any more. Took 3 days of convincing him not to cross it, but he doens't cross it. So once it was covered up? He thought it was his okay to play on it. No line right?...Kids are so funny & definately predictable.


PS: This patter is the free Ocean Waves off of Bonnie Hunter's website: . Did you know that nobidy has submitted a finished quilt from this pattern for her to add tot he bottom of her instructions? I SO want mine on there. Great instructions, but I'll tell you it is definately a labor of love. It is a stunningly beautiful quilt (in real life!) The photos just do not do it justice. The blue is gorgeous.


~Joan said...

Stunning! I'd love to see it in person. Hey--you do have my mailing address. Why not jut send it to me? I'll even finish the HSTs for myself! No pressure!!

Wonky Girl said...

Really awesome quilt and I do understand the Labor of Love part.
How many HST's or did you loose count? And what a cute little boy, the smile is priceless. Give him a hug for me!

momtofatdogs said...

Not counting the HST's until Ig et done!


Kat said...

what an adorable quilt model... the quilt is beautiful!

Leslie said...

I've been working on one in 1930's pastels and white, off and on for a few years... Did you finish yours? How did you quilt it?? Mine can be seen here: