Thursday, January 7, 2010

Birthday Quilt

I finished the binding on the Pink & Brown Quilt & gave it to DD#1 last Friday.

Monday (the 11th) is guild - so before I go to guild I will run to DD#1's house & pick up HER quilt so that I can sew the label on it & then I can get a photo of it & post on here for all y'all to see.

She really loves it & said that it's very warm. I used a high loft poly batting - but the quilting was very dense - I thought I may have quilted out all the warmth. Eveidently not!

I have been lazy, lazy, lazy........I dragged out an old project I had been working on. I know it's OLD because I have pictures on this blog of where I did 2 test blocks - it's the Double Pinwheel - ala Eleanor Burns. I started THOSe blocks while I still lived in Alabama.

Tonight is our sit-&-sew. QB1 is supposed to come over. I will TRY (try now) to get some photos done & up on this blog. I'm telling you, I am being SO lazy. I don't know if we WILL be able to have the S&S because the wather may not permit it. We're all gearing up for SNOW. BOO! I hate the foul weather. I want to sew. And I want to see QB1 - I think we NEED some girl time. We had a little S&S last Saturday. & another QB came that I hadn't seen in over a month. We really DO have so much fun, sitting around & sewing.



~Joan said...

I love my Double Pinwheel's my favorite (well, they all are). But that one went together especially nicely. I used many of my favorite fabrics in it. It lives on son #2's bed.

I just noticed that I don't have a pic of it on Web Shots. I'm sure there are some on my blog. Search for double pinwheel on it if you want to see.


~Joan said...

Just added my pic to my Web Shots album. My blog shows step-by-step progress.


Kyra's Quilter's Fabric Stash said...

I remember you doing those!!! I remember how the back of them looked those are pretty!!!